I am a portrait photographer in Southern California who is also a full time law enforcement officer, husband, and father of three.  Prior to my time in law enforcement, I was on active duty for eight years with the U.S. Army.  My years in the military afforded me the opportunity to travel the world and interact with a variety of cultures.  My adult son, who has given me a beautiful granddaughter, was born in Germany while I was stationed in Hohenfels.  I am confident my life experiences thus far have shaped my ability to communicate, understand, and respect various cultures and people.

I have two young teenage daughters and watching them develop into fine young ladies and confident women have opened my eyes to how fast those precious years slip past our busy lives.  Having been a photographer for nearly 25 years, I am just as guilty as every parent of not capturing special moments of relevance with my camera.  In fact, this is exactly what motivated me to push harder and make up for lost time.  My current business model involves both of my daughters and I appreciate every opportunity I have to impart real world business experiences upon them as they grow into their direction in life.

I care about what my images can do for a person emotionally.  I hope that by creating a time capsule of photographs of your loved ones, you will never miss them when they depart from you.  Kids grow up, the days and nights on the ball field will stop, the school plays end, and they will ultimately move on just as is required in the natural progression of life.  But having those memories documented will provide opportunities to stroll down memory lane and the more you have to review the more you will be able to relive those memories.

Ok I get it, that all may sound cheesy but have you ever found old black and white images of your parents or grandparents and found yourself lost in time?  Did you wonder what it would be like to live on the farm?  To wear the clothes and shoes they wore.  No cell phones, internet or video games.  When the photo was shared with that special person did they go right into the stories that surrounded those images?  I bet the answer to all these are a resounding YES.  Photographs are in essence a time machine and they trigger parts of our brain that help us recall events more vividly.  This is why photography is so important.  You can never put a price tag on those memories.

This is where I enter the scene.  I will be the one to capture your memories, document special events, and I hope to watch your families grow in real life along with you.  I don’t want to just take one series of photographs for you, instead I hope to be your personal photographer and a part of your extended family so to speak.

Having been in the people business for a long time, it has been my career to ensure this great country that I love, and our fellow Americans, remain safe.  Your personal safety is an important element in any photography session.  Bottom line, you and your loved ones are safe while working with me.

I have a unique and specialized approach to my photography.  First, we have to have fun, be goofy and enjoy the day.  Why not make a memory while photographing!  Second, the mere possession of a print is very much like possessing an actual item from a time machine.  If you think about it, a photograph literally stops time and preserves a memory that will never happen again.  Prints are an important part of the process and is what drives my ability to meet my business goals.  Lastly, your satisfaction comes first.  I am not interested in the big business side of photography where you just sit down, turn your head a few times while I take a few shots then you get out because it’s about quantity over quality.  Volume is not my goal, satisfaction is my goal and having an interactive session with your input is important to a successful photo shoot with me.  With that I will require some info ahead of time to ensure we have everything we need to make the day fun and productive.

My final product is the print (memory) for you to display in your home and office spaces.  My prints are typically square format to add a symmetrical and stylistic approach to wall decor that also adds a custom feel to the scene.  All square format digital files also translate nicely for social media sharing, especially Instagram.  While I prefer the square format, my goal is to meet your needs.

In addition to a military and first responder discounted rate, I offer a satisfaction guarantee, which I will share more about when we connect.

Let’s connect on social, be friends, share and inspire one another to create meaningful work.

In my free time you can find me spending time with my family or outdoors somewhere interacting with nature.

Let’s capture everyday life with extraordinary uniqueness!