Pacifico Mountain was reached via a four mile hike into the forest on a closed dirt road. There were deer hunters walking around while we were doing our activation and as we traversed up and down the mountains. Tahyo lugged her water and small items in her backpack and we nearly crashed our drone while getting footage on the way up. Check out the video that shows the hike itself for a view of what this trail looks like.

Thanks to all the chasers who found me on the different frequencies and helped me activate the peak. I’ll be going back to this summit again as it has nice amenities, great cell service, picnic tables, a vault toilet system, trees, rocks, and plenty of views looking north toward the antelope valley.

If you like to operate qrp, enjoy hiking and backpacking, have your ham radio license, then I’d encourage you to check out SOTA or Summits On The Air at for more information.

If you don’t have your ham radio license, then it’s easy to obtain and a testing location can be found on

Lastly, getting exercise by hiking is awesome, especially if you take your best friend or dog with you on the trail. Time spent alone in the woods is great, but time with those you love is even better.

Here’s the five-point trail report:

1- Parking & Road Conditions – The trail head is accessed via a paved road up the the gate of the closed road. There is a large turn out at the gate for parking in the dirt.

2- Trail Conditions – The trail is really a forest service road that has been closed down probably due to some avalanches causing large boulders to block vehicle access on the road. My son was able to push my granddaughter up the road in her stroller so maybe that gives you an idea on what to expect. Great views, shade spots, yet a fairly remote location.

3- VHF & HF options – Providing you are patient enough you would be able to work this summit on VHF only. I opted to setup HF while activating and made plenty of contacts on both bands.

4- APRS & Cell Coverage – I had 4G LTE cell coverage with both Sprint and Verizon. APRS worked great as well. No issues noted.

5- The summit is an abandoned camp ground with a vault toilet, picnic tables, and fire rings. The views into the high desert are epic. There was plenty of room on the summit for many activators, campers, etc. If you want to hang a wire in a tree that’s completely an option since the summit has excellent shade and tree coverage. I really liked this summit and I’ll be going back for sure one day.

Here’s the trail video showing this awesome place!

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