This was supposed to be a quick and easy drive up peak to bag a few points before heading home, but it wasn’t that simple. Sure it’s easy to get to, and it’s not a challenging hike by any means but I opted to be quick about my setup and it only delayed things more. I used just my VHF Yaesu VX8-DR HT with the small whip and it proved to be a challenge to get my contacts as quick as I wanted. Cody and Brie hung out in the truck while I played for a bit but for those who choose to follow my path and activate Job Peak I’d suggest a roll-up J-pole or beam antenna or anything better than the HT whip. HF is completely possibly here but might upset the neighbors. Here is my five-point summit report:

1- Parking & Road Conditions – It’s a paved road to the summit and there is a large dirt area to park. This has a high potential for snow when the season is present so be mindful of that. Additionally, you’re in somebody’s neighborhood so think about what you’d want from somebody if they came into your neighborhood to do the same. Noise and litter wouldn’t go far to help our cause.

2- Trail Conditions – There’s no trail really. You get out of your truck/car and walk like 50 yards or so on flat ground. This is a wheelchair friendly peak.

3- VHF & HF – I should have setup a better antenna for VHF but I still made it work.

4- APRS & Cell Service – Both worked

5- See above intro on the VHF struggles and my suggestions to overcome that if you choose to activate the peak.

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